About Us – Galaxy Oil Ghana Limited

About Us

Who we Are 
Galaxy Oil commenced business on the 3rd of July 2003. It has determinedly followed an innovative development-growth oriented market strategy that has seen its impact and presence on the market translate into volume and market share gains: currently Galaxy Oil controls 2.0% of the total market worth on average 6,000,000 litres monthly

The Market 
There are two basic segments of the Oil products trade in Ghana, namely;

  1. Retail – Sales through service stations and reseller drum points.
  2. Commercial – Sales to Transport, Mining, Marine, Manufacturing /Processing, Construction, Timber and Aviation customers.

Galaxy Oil is involved in both the retail and commercial trade in oil products selling typically various petroleum fuels (white and black fuels as well as LP Gas) and lubricants. The initial emphasis had been the retail trade but lately in line with our business growth and marketing strategy, we have begun consistent and significant direct supplies and sales into the Marine, Transport and Manufacturing/Processing segments of the market. The Company is currently the market leader in the marine fuel (MGO) supplies occasionally swapping first and second positions with Ghana Oil Company Limited (GOIL).

The goal of our market development strategy for the retail business is to create a sustainable growth platform which is core customer/network focused and of a high Average Throughput Per Site (ATPS) orientation.

Our preferred business model on which our branded network is being developed is Company Control and Company Operation of a planned network of high ATPS prime sited retailing sites that afford us control of the integrated sales margin to facilitate easier deployment of modern site operations and business management techniques among others.

It is intended that not less than 50% of the branded network would be company-operated outlets, 30% would be dealer-owned and operated and the remainder 20% would be company owned but dealer operated.

The proposed network profile to be realized within the next 5 years is set out below. Complementarity, it is worthy of note to highlight our growth forecast that our industry market share will appreciate from the current 2% to more than 4% within the 5-year time span (2011 – 2015).